“Absolute blue light, it's still being mined”

It is one of the only colors, but it is a source of colors that can be made into countless colors when combined with other things.

It seems that humans are born with the property of being sideways from birth. Personal prejudices about right and wrong and good and bad are more prevalent than ever. Sacrifice, effort, and struggle are made in order to find the label of 'truth', and eventually, as many wars have been triggered and suffered, history continues to pass through, and wars of this and that are fought here and there to find the 'truth'. I am living in that cold reality. When someone tries to convince me “It’s truth”, I deny it. Perhaps saying that it is the truth is the prejudice of the person who saw it... .


Now this era is a series of chaos. In that age of chaos, ask yourself whether you can mine the truth with photos. I may not be able to find my absolute blue light that I believe is my truth, but I have the idea that I will be able to create all the colors of the world by meeting Yellow and Red in the process of continuing. Although it is a primary color that cannot be created even if it is combined with any other colors, it is the work that originated from the idea that a group of primary colors could change the world in a harmonious and diverse manner.